Colonial Coatings specializes in applying anodic coatings to magnesium parts using the HAE process. This chrome-free solution protects the metal from attack by salt water and other corrosive elements. HAE anodizing is critical to surface sealing and paint adhesion applications.


Surface Sealing

Colonial Coatings is the leader in the industry for surface sealing and painting. We provide a wide variety of these products including our proprietary 961 and 985 Rockhard applications, which are used for sealing magnesium and other light metal alloys. 


Sacrificial Coatings

Colonial Coatings has expanded its product line in Aerospace Coatings by offering sacrificial aluminum slurry coatings. Our commitment and expertise along with our dedication to our customers, has made us the preferred choice for coating of gas turbine parts, PT6 overhaul work and OEM components. 


Thermal Spray

Utilizing plasma arc technology, Colonial Coatings can provide your parts with a wide range of properties to enhance performance and increase longevity.